Thomas Jeneson

Thomas’ professional journey was inspired through playing high level sports at a junior level, ranging from tennis to rowing to volleyball. This led him to undertake a degree in Sport & Exercise Science at Sheffield Hallam University. Upon completion, Thomas wanted to specialise in motion analysis and biomechanics with emphasis on the lower limb, which led him to specialise in feet and he undertook a degree in Podiatry at The University of Salford.

Thomas first joined the NHS in 2012 as a Podiatry Assistant and Orthotics Technician, where he assisted specialist podiatrists in the 4 key areas of podiatry; musculoskeletal, tissue viability, diabetic feet, and nail surgery. He was also the technician responsible for the manufacturing of all insoles for the Cheshire and Chester West Podiatry Department.

Thomas has extensive knowledge and experience in general chiropody and nail surgery from training and practising in the NHS and privately for over 10 years.
Thomas also uses his previous experience in sport and movement to provide the highest level of care for sporting and daily musculoskeletal pains and disorders. He also has a specialist interest in strapping and taping and the use of custom moulded orthotics.

Thomas’ private podiatry journey has enabled him to focus his continual professional development on musculoskeletal injuries, with regard to both prehab (preventative) and rehabilitation treatments.

Thomas Jeneson

Thomas has POM-A and POM-S which allows him to prescribe and supply medication within his scope of practice.

Thomas helps people on a daily basis with pains in their feet, including pain in the heel, ankle, under the ball of the feet, metatarsals, big toe pain, stiffness, and even bunions.

Toenail issues come in many forms, and whether your nails are painful down the sides or at the ends, or if there is a constant redness, infections, wounds, pus, or even a discomfort from simply having the bedsheets resting on them, Thomas can use his wealth of experience and knowledge to help clear this pain and get you back to your daily activities.

Health & Care Professions Council

Thomas is registered with the Health & Care Professions Council; a statutory regulator.

Royal College of Podiatry

As a member of The Royal College of Podiatry, Thomas is fully insured and follows professional standards.

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